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How Pest Control Can Save You Millions

Unnecessary Expense

Pest control is an unnecessary expense. But, is it really?

Invaluable Protector

The notion that pest control is optional is far from the truth. In fact, it protects 3 of our most important assets: family, home and business. As countless homeowners and businesses attest, taking preventive measures early on proved to be a sound decision.

Types of Pest Control

Before we explore why pest control is essential for any residential and business establishment, it is equally important to know its many uses. An Integrated Pest Control Program covers a wide range of services; namely: indoor and outdoor termite extermination, misting, rat abatement, mound demolition, soil treatment, wood drenching, fumigation, disinfection, cockroach control, general pest control which includes getting rid of bugs, wasps, tick, fleas, mites and other disease-carrying insects.

Long-Term Investment

Premier construction companies and property developers integrate termite control measures even before structures are erected. Buildings and houses with grounds that have been treated at the onset and undergo regular preventive maintenance last for decades. These safeguards help ensure the millions of pesos spent on construction projects do not go down the drain due to rapid deterioration and costly repairs.

Moreover, such precautions add appeal to and raise the value of real estate properties.

Prevents Disruption

Do you want to ensure your business operation runs smoothly without untimely and unexpected disruption? Scheduled general pest control is the answer.

Five-star hotels, resorts, spas, top-grade restaurants, small to medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations keep their premises safe, clean and pest-free by contracting professional pest control experts. The latter are trained to handle fumigation and a host of other related services.

Protects Kids and Pets

Dog lovers and other pet owners spend thousands of pesos on grooming services to keep their domesticated buddies healthy, clean and adorable. Unfortunately, this is not enough. It is also prudent to protect themselves and their family members, especially children and vulnerable elderlies, from tick and fleas.

Health Concerns

Rats, cockroaches, bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects are bad for everybody’s health. These filthy animals and creatures are disease carriers. Their feces could be deadly especially for children and adults with the compromised immune system and/or other medical problems. They could contaminate your food and send you, your loved ones and staff to the hospital. They could also bite you, your kids and pets while you are sleeping. As such, safe and environment-friendly general pest control measures are necessary in every home and business.

Peace of Mind

More than anything, regular pest control treatments give you, your family members and employees priceless peace of mind, knowing you are protected from harmful viruses and bacteria.

Consult Professionals

If you are looking for a pest control professional with a long history of protecting families and business premises, connect with MAPECON for a free consultation and needs assessment. MAPECON could be reached through the following contact details – phone number (02) 8567 7378, and email address freesurvey@mapecon.com. Or visit their website at https://mapecon.com.  You can also visit our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/mapeconphilippines

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