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Professional Pest Control Services Work Best

Information Boom


Never has it been so easy to access information on any and all subject matter than how it is today. Technological advances have made it possible to get information about anything and everything under the sun with just a few clicks through Google searches, instructional YouTube videos, other equally popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, to name a few.


While all these made life easier and faster, they have also emboldened netizens to try things out on their own. Such is the case with do-it-yourself (DIY) remedies rather than engaging professional pest control service. Many are firm believers of the former, while the more safety conscious and health buffs among us opt for the latter.


One thing both sides agree with is regular pest control is necessary in every home and business enterprise.


Professional Pest Control Service VS. DIY


Which is better and more cost-efficient in the long run – professional pest control service or mixing chemicals on your own?


With any prudent action, it is important to know and weigh the pros and cons as well as consider a number of factors in order to make informed decisions that serve your purpose and ensure everyone’s safety.


Assess The Problem


In our earlier article, we learned that it is best to take preventive pest control measures to safeguard one’s health and that of your family members and company personnel as well as to protect major investments such as real estate property and office buildings.


There are instances, however, when homemakers and business owners take action when infestation has already set in. They are faced with the dilemma of choosing between engaging professional pest control service and resorting to homemade solutions.


It is necessary to determine the extent of the problem. Over-the-counter pesticides and do-it-yourself remedies are often effective in providing an immediate solution in cases wherein insects are confined in a particular section of the house or building. However, doing so does not ensure you have completely eradicated hidden colonies of ants and termites and/or sources of malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Often, the problem is bigger than they seem.


Professional pest control service personnel are trained to determine the source and scale of infestation using modern equipment and eliminate the root cause of the problem before it’s too late.


Technical Expertise And Safety


Another factor to consider is whether you are equipped to handle disinfection, soil treatment and various kinds of pest control treatments without endangering yourself and the people around you. Studies show that the excessive use of chemicals and disinfectants causes health problems especially to children, pregnant women and elderlies.


It is best to leave fumigation, extermination of termites, eradicating perennial rat problems and similar health hazards to companies that provide professional pest control service.




The cost of using ingredients readily available in your cupboard or mixing different chemicals recommended in DIY videos is arguably cheaper compared to hiring professional pest control service. But, consider this …


The former is a temporary fix whereas the latter provides a long-term solution.


Your experiment may or may not work. Chances are, you will end up buying more materials than you’re prepared for. Still, it is not a guarantee you will get it right. Pest control experts, on the other hand, eliminate the source of the problem without costly numerous trial and error attempts.




A professional pest control service provider takes care of analyzing the problem, recommending corresponding solutions, arranging treatment schedules, necessary equipment, the number of technical personnel, and other important details. It saves you the trouble of having to plan everything by yourself. Moreover, you have reliable technical advisers at your disposal.


In contrast, you are on your own with DIY experiments.


Bottom line, it is more cost-effective, safe and efficient to leave it to the experts.


Connect with Specialist


If you are looking for a professional pest control service provider with a proven track record, call MAPECON for a free consultation and needs assessment. MAPECON could be reached through the following contact details – phone number (02) 8567 7378, and email address freesurvey@mapecon.com. Visit their website at MAPECON Contact Us Page. Or visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/mapeconphilippines.   


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