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Getting the Best Pest Control Service


In recent years, you might have noticed that pest control service providers nowadays focuses on management rather than extermination for possibly two reasons. Exterminating these critters include using strong chemicals that may be more harmful to humans and the environment. Second, pests are difficult to rid of. Their reproduction rate is astoundingly fast. Their bodies are more rigid and may be more resilient than us. If you think about it, they have been staying longer here on earth, and for them, we could be the ‘pests.’

It shouldn’t deter you from seeking expert help from pest control companies, especially if the problem is already beyond your DIY level. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the best.

Make a shortlist. There are plenty of pest control service providers out there. Writing down a list will help you manage the number to a manageable level. It’ll keep you sane too. The company’s proximity to your area is undoubtedly an advantage but unnecessary. You can ask for referrals from neighbors and relatives residing nearby. They will surely recommend if they had a pleasant experience dealing with one.

Check with the local industry association. Another excellent way to narrow down your list further is to find out if they are members of the Pest Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. The PCAP is a community of pest management companies organized to advance and professionalize their industry in the client’s best interest.

Licensed and qualified. Don’t be afraid to ask if the company is licensed and their personnel adequately trained and qualified. Ask for documentation if you cannot find any on their website or social media page. If they have good customer service, providing you with proof shouldn’t be a problem for them.

Ask if they have liability insurance. This type of insurance is designed for your protection if something goes wrong with the treatment process. Here’s some advice: A commercial general liability (CGL) insurance is not sufficient to protect you. It may not cover you and the damages incurred at all. It would be best to look for professional liability insurance or even project-based liability insurance. If you know anyone working in the non-life insurance industry, they can provide more information. The above speak volumes about them valuing the clients’ safety and personnel.

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