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General Pest Control
Our General Pest Abatement and Maintenance Program is designed for the control of cockroaches, mosquitoes, bugs, flies and other flying and crawling insects that transmit more than 35 communicable diseases to man.
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Rodent Control
Our Rodent Abatement and Maintenance Program covers the control of all species of rodents by the use of exclusive patented mechanical devices or by the installation of slow or fast acting chemical raticides or a combination of both.
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This type of spraying is recommended to control flying pests in areas such as kitchens, dining areas, etc.
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Termite Control
If your structure is termite-infested, nothing beats regular check-ups for termites with our Termite Abatement and Maintenance Program.
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Mound Demolition
Termite mounds are the homes of subterranean termites where the termite queens live and lay eggs.
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Soil Treatment
We offer pre-construction and post-construction soil treatment to protect your investments from subterranean termites.
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Wood Drenching
To control surface infestations and help prevent future infestations on your wooden structure or furniture.
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Built-In Termite Control
Termite Reticulation is a powerful system designed to be a permanent underground fixture that can be used for convenient and effective treatment of current and future subterranean termite infestations.
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We offer safe and effective fumigation services to eliminate stored product pests using our patented MAPECON Phosphine Fumigant.
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With the use of MAPECON's patented F8 disinfectant, all surfaces are treated via misting application. This disperses the disinfectant across the entire area in the form of fine droplets which settles on floors, walls, and other surfaces where viruses and bacteria thrive.
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