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MAPECON BOTANICAL INSECT GROWTH (Botanical Insect Growth Regulator) is a broad-spectrum household botanical insect growth regulator that can be used for household, commercial, and industrial application. It can used for regular spraying to effective control practically all types of crawling and flying urban pest such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas, moth, spider, carpet or hide beetles, and granary weevils (bukbok), among others.

This spray kills only insects, safe for humans and pets (mammals).

Not only does it get rid of current pests, it also regulates the growth of these target pests. For example, cockroaches tend to excrete their eggs when they die from regular insecticides. The MAPECON TOTAL INSECT CONTROL HI-IGR prevents the eggs from hatching to stop the cockroach infestation.

Each order is for a 1L bottle of insect spray.


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